Gotta love celebrity politics…

So, this morning I was reading the news on Yahoo!  (The current status of the presidential election is dismal to me.  I find it depressing that I am going to have to vote for the candidate that I dislike the least…  Or not vote, but that’s hardly an option in my opinion!  You shouldn’t complain about what goes on if you didn’t cast your vote…)  But, that is just a sidenote–what floored me this morning on the news was the rationale some people on the BET awards were using to support Barack Obama.  If it were only on this show, then it would not matter in the least, but I think there is a lot of this among the populus.  Now, I’ll try and put personal views aside, but voting a black president in just because he would be the first black president seems like the stupidest thing a body could do!  The same goes for a woman president.  I don’t have a problem with a black president or even a woman president, but it seems that we should base our political decisions on more than just setting precedence!  Obviously if the black person or the woman is the most qualified and represents my views the best, by all means I would not hesitate to vote for them!  I would have voted for Colin Powell in a heartbeat!  However, it seems juvenile to me to vote for someone simply because it would be cool to have a woman or a black person in the oval office.  Besides, why do movie stars and entertainers have so much clout?  What are their credentials for publicly saying who should be elected?  Freedom of speech, I know…they can say whatever they want!  Then, I guess the real question is why aren’t more of the citizens asking the afore-mentioned questions before falling in line behind these highly visible figures?  At any rate, I hope that people are really ignoring the color of skin or gender in making their decisions in politics (and in any other area for that matter!).  That is what equality is supposed to be about…  BUT then again, what gives me the clout to rant about this anyway?!?!


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4 Responses to “Gotta love celebrity politics…”

  1. bluesuit12 Says:

    I don’t think celebrities really have clout they just have the benefit of having cameras on them all the time. Look back to the last election, a lot of celebrities were in Kerry’s corner but he didn’t get elected. Bush ended up being re-elected despite the lack of the majority of celebrity support.

  2. stolan13 Says:

    I guess that is true and hope that the same type of thing will occur in November. Perhaps I should edit the blog to say “Why do movie stars and entertainers think they have so much clout?” That is more what I was driving at. Although a lot of people think that if their favorite movie star says it or supports it, it is true and they must do the same.

  3. bluesuit12 Says:

    True. And they would be idiots.

  4. stolan13 Says:


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