Ever try to cut your own hair?

When I was a kid, my little sister decided that she wanted to cut her hair.  Since we were always partners in crime, I helped.  For some reason, we imagined that our Mother would never notice if we hid the hair in her closet, which is where we set up the barber shop.  Needless to say, Mom definitely noticed and she cried!  My sister’s hair grows incredibly slow and it was just long enough to put in pigtails and I cut them off!!!  The only way to fix it was for my Mom to give her a pixy do.  So, she had what she termed a “boy hair cut” for quite some time.  The whole point of this seemingly random thread (when compared to the title of my post) is that since I have no close friends yet in my new location, I decided that I would cut my own hair.  You would think that I had learned my lesson as a kid…  But…I guess my frugality keeps influencing me.  If I’m home often enough, I can get my Mom to cut it for me, but now that a weekend trip is not really an option, it’s either cut my own or pay someone else to do it.  I have contemplated the idea before and have even done most of a self-trim a couple of times.  If you’re a guy and buy the clippers with the plastic guides, it is pretty straight-forward to remove some length from your do.  However until last night, I had forgotten why I had never actually completed a haircut without someone else’s help.  The other two times when I did partials I had someone to do the trimming around my ears and in the back.  I told myself that this couldn’t be too hard because it is just a little trimming.  It is the smallest portion of the haircut, but is likely the most important.  We can’t be running around with one sideburn longer than the other…  That would be an utter disaster–especially if in JH or High school.  Then again, most people in JH and HS these days have longer hair than I have ever had, but…  Ok, back on track!  The point is that by the time I got to this stage of the haircut (definitely way past the point of no return), I was dripping with perspiration because it was about 80 degrees in the house and the humidity was up pretty good.  So I had hair stuck all over my face and on my neck and shoulders.  It was getting in my mouth and up my nose and in my ears!  So I wasn’t in the most patient of moods which is not good when you are attempting to cut your own hair!  It is difficult enough to work hair clippers when viewing them through one mirror.  Throw two into the equation and a barely-coordinated novice like me hasn’t a chance at wielding them without making a mistake.  I managed to trim around my ears without too much trouble and I even got my sideburns even (I think).  However, it is very difficult to hold a mirror up behind your head with one hand and wield the clippers in the other hand while looking at the image of the back of your head in the mirror in front of your face!    I kept getting the wrong angle or moving the clippers in the wrong direction.  I finally got so frustrated that I just blindly took them to the back of my head!  I’m not sure that i did any worse than a beauty school drop-out, but let’s just say that the line across the bottom of my hair across my neck would not be the shortest distance between two points…  I decided to quit while I was ahead or at least figured that I wasn’t going to impove things with continued use of the clippers in my current state of frustration and heat exhaustion.  (Melodramatic, I know, but it’s my stroy I’ll tell it how i want to!)  It doesn’t look too bad, but I think that I either need to accept fate and realize that I was not cut out for cutting my own hair no matter how much it costs to go to a shop OR I need to practice a lot and develop the dexterity to hold a mirror in one hand, the clippers in another and the presence of mind to not be confused by so many reflections!  A third option I suppose is to find someone to trim around my ears and across the back of my neck, but I don’t think that either of my cats (or the both of them in cahoots) would be up to the challenge.  The good thing is that I can go about two months between haircuts these days.  The downside of that is that it is because my hair has stopped growing on top and is starting to fall out.  I suppose before too long I could just bic it, but I’m not ready to fully embrace my bald self yet!  A fourth option exists, but is hardly qualifies as one.  I could just let my hair grow until I (hopefully) go home at Christmas time.  The reason that this is hardly an option is because, with the increased himidity here, my hair is completely out of control when it is not very long.  I can only imagine how scary it would be if it got some good length to it!  The other thing is that I cannot stand for my hair to be long enough to tickle my ears, so I doubt that I could successfully sport the 70s look.  At any rate, like my Mom always said, “the difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut is about 2 weeks.”  Thanks, Mom.  That helps a little.  Whether my haircut looks ridiculous or not is really a sidenote.  The most important thing is that it is shorter and, thus, less frizzy and much cooler than it was before!


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2 Responses to “Ever try to cut your own hair?”

  1. bluesuit12 Says:

    I really only cut my bangs myself and leave the rest to someone else. There have been slight exceptions but even then I luck out because i can always put it up on my head. And I can wear my hair curly (natural curl) which helps hide any uneven parts.

  2. Leigh Says:

    My daughter Julia is an expert in hair cutting if you’d like me to fly her out to you. She’s a pro at the age of 5! LOL! I should email you the pictures of her “self” hair cut. It was pretty sad. She cut it to the scalp, but couldn’t reach all of it in the back, so she had an instant mullet. Not pretty. We have since locked away ALL pair of scissors.

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