Wasting time…

So, this afternoon I was bored.  I got home from Church around 2:30 and ate lunch.  Then I passed out on my bed for a two-hour nap.  It was glorious.  However, a two-hour nap is generally a bit much for me and makes me groggy the rest of the day.  Besides, it may make it so that I cannot go to sleep very well tonight…  All of which is beside the point!  Anyway, I was on Facebook hoping to run into some of my friends.  I think that on Facebook that that word is loosely defined, but, Facebook is great because at least once in a while I know that my Friends are still alive because they either update their profile or I see that they have changed their status.  All of which is better than what I would likely know about a lot of these people if I was not at least connected with them through Facebook.  More digression…  So, the point is that I was killing time so I decided to take a couple of quizzes.  They are kind of fun, but I only do them when I am bored because they are very low on my priority list.  However, I had a random thought this afternoon while taking a quiz…  At the end of the quiz, it generally gives you the option of taking more quizzes or making your own.  I have never attempted to make my own, but may try it sometime.  The point is that if I only take quizzes on Facebook when I am bored to tears, what can be said of those who spend enough time on Facebook to make up their own quizzes?  An interesting and poignant question, I think, with no criticism intended or implied.  I just wonder how many people on Facebook have hundreds of “friends,” but in reality are bored and lonely while hanging out in cyberspace with their cyber-“friends”.  I have never pondered this before, but the thought struck me today.  However, Facebook and the like are not the only ways that we are becoming cyber-isolated.  For example, I often use the self-checkout at WalMart because it is faster than waiting in line.  However, this means that I have no interaction whatsoever with anyone while shopping unless it is the “excuse mes” and other such pleasantries (or occasionally not so pleasantries) while playing shopping cart bumper cars down the busy aisles!  We can access our bank accounts without so much as ever speaking with another human being–not to mention the computerized systems we all dread when calling an 800 number for Customer Service of some sort!  I’ve gotten so I prefer to use email or online account information because there is no point in calling if you never actually speak to a person.  In some cases I agree with a friend of mine who has said that we have become a series of account numbers and PINs.  Seems tragic that human interaction in simple everyday matters is becoming less and less important.  I think that a lot of people communicate primarily with idks and omgs and the like at the expense of human interaction and intellectual (or at least social) conversation.  (It doesn’t take much intellect to rise above idk, omg and bff 😉 !)  Now, don’t get me wrong…  I spend my fair share of time texting and IMing and enjoy it very much.  However, I think there is something to be said for having a personal converasation with someone that goes beyond the simple, rudimentary communication process.  And not just with those to whom we are close.  There is something deeper in us that finds satisfaction while looking into the eyes of a “stranger” and saying…hello.


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