Pre-teen Drama Queens

A friend invited me to a high school football game the other day.  I haven’t been to one in nearly 10 years.  I decided that, even though I didn’t know a soul who was playing, I would go because it was something to do and I had had a very stressful week and needed to do something to take my mind off of work.  So, I went.  It was a little chilly, but was a beautiful night.  The crowd was intense and it was a great game!  I even found myself standing up to cheer when we made touchdowns!  However, the most intriguing thing about the game in my mind was a group of pre-teen diva cheer-leader wannabes.  I’m not going to lie and, therefore, must make the disclaimer that I am completely and totally unfavorably biased against anything and everything that cheerleading stands for!  Drill team is slightly different.  Stunts are cool and those guys who hold a girl up with one arm are super strong and I would not make fun of them for fear of being pummelled if for no other reason.  Anyway, back to the point.  These young divas had practiced their leg kicks and arm movements with great precision.  They even made up new cheers all through the game and chided their mothers for not responding to their efforts to get the crowd on their feet.  One girl in particular was entertaining.  She was the next captain of the cheerleading squad for sure.  She had the “ready ok” and “last time” commands down pat.  She also was very adept at manipulating her squad to do whatever cheer she thought they should do despite their numerous and repeated suggestions.  She even sat down in front of them a few times and counted them off to evaluate their performance.  I think she had been watching the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders because she certainly knew how to move, act and look like a professional cheer leader.  The fact that she was 10ish made this really humorous!  There ought to be a law against corrupting innocent little girls’ minds with ideas of becoming cheerleaders!  Perhaps my Mother was wrong, but for some reason I’m pretty sure that she would have never let us publicly embarrass ourselves at that age if she could at all help it.  Perhaps that is why none of us ever became cheerleaders…  Whew!  Thankfully.  Who knows.  At any rate, I wish everyone could have been there to see the early corruption of little girls who so desperately wanted to be high school cheerleaders!  Frankly, I was embarrassed for them and their parents throughout the entire game.  I’ll admit that I do get embarrassed more easily than the average joe, but that is beside point.  We won the football game and I can’t help but think that part of it was because of these little girls ability to (to quote the gals from Man of the House) “inspire and electrify.”


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